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What is Perineoplasty Surgery? Photos, Cost, Reviews

A perineoplasty (aka perineal repair) is a surgical procedure which involves reconstructing the vaginal opening and the perineum for cosmetic and/or medical reasons. The perineum is the area of tissue located between the vagina and the anus and provides support to the pelvic floor (explanation of female anatomy). It also contributes to increased pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Why Women May Need a Perineoplasty?

Some women experience vaginal tearing during childbirth or the doctor may cut along the perineum to assist in getting the baby out. Later, this can result in a feeling of vaginal looseness and other problems.

Childbirth, however, isn’t the only cause of these problems. Excess weight can cause downward pressure, stretching the muscles and damaging the perineum.

Candidates for a perineoplasty include:

  • Women who had an episiotomy. During a vaginal birth, the perineum can tear leading to vaginal looseness. This can result in decreased sexual sensation as well as changes in bowel habits.
  • Women with a large vaginal opening. If the vaginal opening is too wide or open, it can contribute to the penis falling out during intercourse, urinary tract infections and other medical issues. With this condition, the tissues at the vaginal opening and perineum are surgically tightened to achieve a reduced vaginal opening with better support.
  • Women suffering from injury or trauma involving the vaginal opening, perineum, and even the adjacent anus.

Signs, Symptoms You May Need a Perineoplasty

Signs of needing a perineoplasty include:

  • a gaping introitus (a wide vaginal opening)
  • on exam, the doctor can see scar tissue and damage and is able to feel the separation of the muscles on either side of the vaginal opening

Do you experience these symptoms? A perineoplasty may help.

  • air that moves in and out causing gas-like noises during sex or at other times
  • partner fall out due to weak muscles at the vaginal opening
  • inability to squeeze vaginal opening muscles
  • scar tissue causing pain or unsatisfactory appearance
  • feeling loose or wide

Many women needing a perineoplasty also experience additional symptoms which are listed below. These symptoms are often associated with relaxation of the back vaginal wall which causes:

  • decreased sensation for one or both partners
  • constipation
  • hemorrhoids
  • having to press on the space between the vaginal opening and the anus to assist with a bowel movement
  • problems with tampons staying in
  • inability to squeeze vaginal muscles to do Kegel exercises

Since the damage of childbirth or trauma affects the inside as well as the opening, many women elect to get a vaginal rejuvenation along with a perineoplasty. Most women need the inside of the canal supported as well as the reattachment of the muscles at the opening.

Recovery from Perineoplasty

For most patients, the recovery is routine and they can return to work after several days. Stitches dissolve in about two weeks and patients can return to normal activities within 4-6 weeks. For any pain, Dr. Hailparn will recommend over-the-counter or prescription medication.

Cost of Perineoplasty

The cost of the perineoplasty is determined during your consult, which includes a physical exam by Dr. Hailparn. The price is all-inclusive (covers facility, anesthesiologist and surgeon’s fees, plus all of your visits the first year).

We offer different payment options. If you have additional questions, schedule a consultation online or call us at 210-615-6646. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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